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Since 1999 we’ve been providing career agent and placement services to the Commercial Construction, Specialty Trades and the Power/Energy sectors. Our efforts span the entire United States working with the TOP Commercial Construction, Commercial Specialty Trades, EPC companies, Engineering Firms, Utilities, IOU and Public, Cooperatives, MUNI’s, testing companies and other industry affiliated groups. At the core our unique process of putting the person first, the career agent way of operating, has allowed us to build the highest ranked access to “REAL” career advancing opportunities in the nation. It’s what we do all day every day.

Our success is based upon living our core principles every day. We are committed to a behind the scenes approach that insures privacy and confidentiality of all parties. We offer a “Candidate Centric” approach, quietly assisting the best and brightest. Yes it is true the entry bar is set high. The teams Mogul plays a role in building are some of the most recognized in the nation. Years of working with the truly Above Average has delivered access and insight we share with those we represent. Mogul Staffing is paid a Premium for access to professionals ranked in the top 30% by their peers. The top performers our EXCLUSIVE clients desire to align with are NOT the guys/gals jumping up and down waving a resume on the internet…hence our motto “relationship recruiting” …
Mogul functions just like agents do for pro athletes or famous actors, so get with us today and get your own agent, your own insider, cheerleader and coach.
Our goal is the delivery of exemplary results and we do this by building relationships based upon trust and confidence. Our industry attention, expertise and pinpoint focus brings the most impact and provides the greatest value to those we serve.

Simply, we are CAREER AGENTS – Agents that find great people great career opportunities with great companies. Anything less is what all the others do.

Professionals: High performers have a coach; someone that understands their potential and who they can rely on to help them achieve that potential throughout their career. Career management and coaching has become critical for sustainable success. As a CAREER AGENCY we augment your career so your concentration stays on more essential daily tasks. We take the time to learn precisely who you are and what you seek in your career, thoroughly understanding your short and long-term goals. Whether it be one year or ten years from now, you control the timing and pace of any exploration. There is no time limit or pressure and we do the heavy lifting to help you achieve your goals.

career agent philosophy

Companies: As CAREER AGENTS we work with highly skilled, qualified candidates that are busy working and producing impactful results. These individuals aren’t surfing websites or perusing job boards but are open to considering an enticing Career challenge. We take the time to know what types of skills, education, and experience are key to your success. These alone don’t guarantee a successful long term employee so we also go one step further by also appreciating the culture and structure of an organization that impacts a candidate’s long term success. Challenge: give us one opportunity to walk you through how we conduct a search.

Our team of industry experts is on deck and ready to meet your challenges. Contact us confidentially
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