Testimonials and reviews
Thanks again XXXXXX for all your patience, time and efforts. My wife and I are excited and ready. I wanted to let you know how refreshing and smooth the process was from start to finish. Frankly I was surprised how much time you spent preparing me. The interview coaching was the difference I needed and it worked. Thanks and look forward to keeping in touch. I will be watching the Royals for you from now on!
11 year Transmission Line Design Engineer, PE
XXXXX, Man you sure came through - I will be owing you for a long time. I almost felt bad having to turn down the offer with XXXXX XXXXX. They were great people, but when XXXX came back with the offer – WOW I just knew this is it. You held my hand XXXXX and my confidence is still at an all-time high, thanks. See you next time you are in Florida.
Estimator/PM Commercial Elestric
The guys at Mogul are like a family to me except that they know more about me than most of my family does. I feel like I can tell them anything and know that they will keep my thoughts and information safe. Having someone you can trust with your career path is priceless
12 year Scheduler - Primevera
XXXX, a quick note to let you know we are fully settled here in XX. The move was smoother than expected and the family is in good spirits. In regards to your services, the level at which you operate is above and beyond what I have experienced in the past. I now know what it is like to have my own agent who has my best interests in the forefront. Best wishes and I will email you XXX XXXXX’s cell number -he is looking forward to hearing from you.
16 year Speciality Trades PM, Elestric Const
Thanks for inquiring about my recent work with XXX at Mogul. XXX spent a lot of time with me before I decided to make my move - we talked for over two years. I never felt pressured and was totally prepared for the interviewing process like never before. I would recommend Mogul to anyone who is a professional and ready to up their game.”
Field Engineer Substation construction
Mogul is one of those rare companies with the passion and drive to really understand the industry and the people. Most recruiting companies just want to make placements and send me well let’s just say they don’t send the best resumes. With XX at Mogul it’s true he won’t send you piles of resumes. The thing is, the people he does introduce are special and match our core needs and culture. We have interviewed all the people shared, flown in I think five and hired three. Thanks again XX.
Hiring Manager TOP 10 heavy Contractor US (utility const)
XXX: Thought I would let you know I get calls, seems like every day from recruiters and it’s always the same routine - they heard I was the man and they have the best job ever for me, but when I ask a technical question they don’t have a clue. So today was a change. You actually knew all about Protest and Protection Suite - I was surprised. I am looking forward to our call tonight - my cell XXX-XXX-XXXX – talk soon
Relay Technician 6 yrs - SEL