stellar referrals

Our goal is to nudge professionals who are busy and considered "keepers" in their organizations. One constant that has come up over and over is "things change". In order to be prepared for unforeseen change, our firm, through the process of aligning with above average professionals, partners and prepares in a pre-emptive fashion so as to be there when career change does come.

To be clear, the professionals we partner with are not always "looking to jump" right away. Many times our exploratory process uncovers the most advantageous opportunities based on not only career factors but also on family situations and may require years in unfolding – the KEY is professionals that are TRULY above average know to be prepared for career changes.
“There are two types of people Mogul has an interest in aligning with professionally”

First, someone who clearly excels and has made the decision to pursue a stronger opportunity.

Second, someone who clearly excels but is NOT necessarily actively looking, our goal is to align with professionals whom their peers consider to be TOP performers. Our process is not always about today it is also about the future.